Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Child's Dream-True Experiences: Part 1

From the Delvoper of Babygames

Every Child has a dream. Some wants to become a superman, hence they practice the likewise in the Superman movies and tv shows. As a result they lose their life instead of gaining an opportunity of flying in the air. Some wants to be a light man as in Flash Movies, and the news rumors regarding the deaths due to electric shocks. While some dive in the swimming pool in order to transform themselves into a  girl which habitats the oceanic waters. All the imaginations and so called creative ideas are inherited through TV programs, commercials and movies.

How to prevent such accidents? The need is to turn the attention of the innocent kids towards the more advantageous  platforms, such as Nick Jr Doragames.  For instance, if I subject my daughter to such games, she would not learn the flying in the air art, or she would never submerged herself in the basket full of water.  The skills which she would learn includes, cooking skills  through Dora Cooking Games For Girls

These  games provide the best form of entertainment for the kids. Every girl has to cook when she crosses the teenage. Through these she would learn the basics of cooking, the proper selection of ingredients and  procedures to follow.

Dora Puzzle Games on the other hand would be enough to increase her mental level. The quantity of the intelligence skills which she would gain by solving different puzzles would help her to solve the real difficulties of life and challenges in the older days.

Hence according to the law of Intelligence, its is wise for every parents to arrange such skills which strengthen the foundations of the children. Likewise in case of Boys different Car Games For Kids  could be arranged.

I would highlight them in my next section@ CHILD’S DREAM-TRUE EXPERIENCES: PART 2
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